Would You Like to Enhance Your
Senses, Body and Brain
Would you like to have a better memory, experience more bliss in your body, release back pain and
be more relaxed in your daily life?
Would you like to Love Your Being in Your Body again?
Join Macaya Miracle for a 3 Video Series of 
Accelerated Light Healing Classes to
Enhance Your Senses, Spine 
and Brain!!!
Each week you will activate and awaken your body's innate ability to heal itself  to allow your body to experience more sensation, more ease and have faster brain function!!!
In this 3 Week Journey you will receive Accelerated Light Healing Illuminations, Activations, Clearings and Healings to help you bring your body to a place of enhanced health.

The first part of each 75 minute healing video will be clearings and creations around becoming youthful and the second part will be an amazing transformative energetic activation.

Ascended Being
Each Week You Will Receive an
Accelerated Light Healing Activation
When You Receive These Activations You Will...
Girl Becoming Youthful Right Before Your Very Eyes 2
  • Increase Your Memory
  • Experience More Sensations in Your Body
  • Increase Your Intuitive Abilities
  • More Ease in Your Body
  • Have More Energy
  • Increase Your Brain Power
  • Enjoy Food and Drink at an Entirely New Level
  • And So Much more...
In This 3 Week Healing You Will Experience

Week 1 - Enhance Your Senses

 • Activate Your Physical Senses to a whole new level
   (smell, touch, taste, sound and feeling)

 • Increase Your Intuitive Abilities

Week 2 - Enhance Your Spine

 • Clear Pain and Trauma from your Back and Spine

 • Align Your Spine

 • Align Your Hips, Legs and Feet with the Rest of Your Body

Week 3 - Enhance Your Brain

 • Enhance Your Memory

 • Learn How to Clear Your Brain of Thoughts in 3 Minutes or Less


 • Receive a 5th Dimensional Holographic Upgrade for Your Brain and Body


 • Activate Your Brain to a Higher Speed

Open yourself to receive and...
Enhance Your Senses, Spine and Brain!!!
1 Payment of $155
4 Payments of $55
(instant access)
Macaya Miracle
Master Energy Healer and Teacher
This 3 Week Journey is facilitated by
Macaya Miracle

Co-creator of Accelerated Light Healing

(You will get instant access to the videos)
Only $155
4 Payments of $55
If you can't make it live, still sign up as you will receive the recordings of each livestream.

Is it time to experience more Bliss, Joy and Ease
than you ever imagined possible?  If so...
1 Payment of $155
4 Payments of $55
(instant access)

All you need to have is a computer or smartphone to watch the videos.

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