Would You Like to Look and Feel Younger ?
Would you like to have soft, young looking skin, live playfully, have a lot of energy and feel excited about life Every Day?
Would you like to Love Your Body again?
Join Macaya Miracle for a 6 Week Series of 
Accelerated Light Healings via Video to
Become Youthful and Energized
Each week you will activate and awaken your body's innate anti-aging systems to allow your body to become younger, learn to use energy more efficiently and heal right before your very eyes.

Each week you will experience a healing transmission to:

  • Make Your Skin Lighter and Tighter
  • Enhance Your Immune System
  • Have More Energy
  • Balance Your Hormones
  • Heal Your Digestion 
  • Enhance Your Inner and Outer Vision
  • Clear Stress from Your Body
  • Calm Your Nervous System
  • Activate the Anti-aging Systems in Your Body
  • Heal Your Body at a Rate Faster Than You Ever Imagined Possible
  • And so much more...
Girl Becoming Youthful Right Before Your Very Eyes
In this 6 Week Journey you will receive Accelerated Light Healing Illuminations, Activations, Clearings and Healings to help you bring your body to a place of optimum health.

The first part of each 90 minute healing video will be clearings and creations around becoming youthful and the second part will be an amazing transformative energetic activation.

Each Week You Will Receive an
Energy Facelift
The Energy Facelift makes the skin on your entire body (not just your face) light, vibrant, glowing, lifted and tighter.

When You Receive These Activations You Will...
Girl Becoming Youthful Right Before Your Very Eyes 2
  • Make Your Skin Look Younger
  • Enhance Your Immune System
  • Increase Your Metabolism
  • Have More Energy
  • Heal Your Digestion
  • Balance Your Hormones 
  • Spend Less Time Being Sick
  • Be Confident About Your Body
  • And so much more...
In This 6 Week Healing You Will Experience

Week 1 - Beautify the Body and Mind

 • Energy Facelift (make the skin on your entire body light, vibrant, glowing, lifted and tighter )

 • Activate the Neurotransmitters and Hormones that make your body look beautiful

 • Eliminate Personal and Cultural Ideas about Beauty and Aging

Week 2 - Enhancing Your Playfulness

 • Enhance Your Creativity

 • Activate Your Body to Express Itself the way it Desires

 • Clear the Beliefs that are Holding Your Back from Being Playful

Week 3 - Balancing Your Hormones and Digestion

 • Heal and Balance all of Your Hormones and Glands

 • Learn to Balance Your Own Hormones

 • Enhance Your Digestive Processes

 • Clear and Illuminate Your Intestines and Colon (Etheric Colonics)

Week 4 - Enhancing the Immune System

 • Activate Your Immune System and Thymus Chakra

 • Eliminate Contracted and Inherited Disease

Week 5 - Activate the Anti-aging Systems of the Body

 • Activate Your Energetic Anti-aging Systems

 • Activate Your DNA

 • Activate Your Merkaba

Week 6 - Activate the Immortality Code

 • Activate the Immortality Codes in Your Body and Energy Field

 • Seal and Integrate the Healing You Received

Each week you will step into a sacred space for healing and receive clearings and activations.  

Open yourself up to receive and...

Look and Feel Younger!!!
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Macaya Miracle
Master Energy Healer and Teacher
This 6 Week Journey is facilitated by
Macaya Miracle

Co-creator of Accelerated Light Healing

Each Week you will get access to the
next video.

You will watch each video once a day everyday for one week and then move on to the next one.

This will provide super effective and long-lasting results.
Only $333
3 Payments of $133

Is it time to experience more Bliss, Joy and Ease
than you ever imagined possible?  If so...
1 Payment of $333
3 Payments of $133
(you will receive instant access to the videos)

All you need to have is a computer or smartphone to watch the videos.

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